Personal Information Protection Policy

At INTERNET MULTIFEED CO. (Hereinafter referred to as "our company"), personal information is positioned as the most important information in the performance of business operations. We recognize that the protection of personal information is a top priority for our company, and hereby declare that all persons engaged in our company's business shall comply with the compliance program concerning the protection of personal information, and shall properly and safely handle and protect personal information.

  1. Collection, use and provision of personal information

    When collecting personal information, the purpose of use will be clearly stated in advance and the consent of the person concerned will be obtained. The collected personal information shall be strictly managed, and the use and provision thereof shall not exceed the scope of the purpose of use agreed upon in advance.

  2. Prevention and correction of risks to personal information

    We take preventive measures to prevent unauthorized access to personal information, loss, destruction, falsification, and leakage of personal information, and take necessary corrective measures.

  3. Compliance with laws and regulations concerning personal information

    Our company will comply with all applicable laws, regulations and other standards relating to the protection of personal information.

  4. Implementation of continuous improvement of compliance programs

    In order to maintain appropriate protection of personal information, our company will continuously review and improve its compliance program in response to changes in the laws, regulations and environment surrounding its business.

September 13, 2021


Koichi Suzuki, President

As a result of specific efforts to comply with the Personal Information Protection Policy, on March 2, 2005, our company acquired ISMS certification based on the Information Security Management System (ISMS) Conformity Assessment System. On March 16, 2015, Sony switched to JIS Q 27001: 2014 (ISO/IEC 27001: 2013) and registered with JIPDEC. (Registration Scope: Internet Interconnect Service, IPv6 Internet Connect Service, Corporate Information Network System)