President's Message

The rapid growth of IT has shifted various social activities, such as commercial business transactions and consumer behavior, to the world of the Internet. Furthermore, the advancement of various broadband access including optical fiber, DSL, CATV, and wireless has led to an explosive increase in Internet traffic. As a key factor in social infrastructure, the Internet will surely continue to develop, incorporating numerous innovations in today's open development environment.

Ever since the launch of Internet Data Center services at time of establishment, INTERNET MULTIFEED has always taken the lead in providing services contributing not only to the growth of the Internet, but also to its recognition as a reliable social infrastructure. JPNAP, our Internet Exchange (IX) service, has grown to become Asia's largest, and our IPv6 Internet Native Connectivity Service transix is devoted to playing a major role in the Internet's transition from IPv4 to IPv6 in Japan. These services are dedicated to the exchange, distribution, and transmission of large-volume traffic, acting as the "node" of network infrastructures.

We at INTERNET MULTIFEED will continue to support the enhancement of not only the Internet but other network environments from the "node", as a behind-the-scenes player contributing to the evolution of Japan's Information and communication technology, utilizing the best-of-best technology, operations, and service development expertise.

"All Communication flows through here."

We will provide the place and solutions, and will continue to create innovative values.

President and CEO
Koichi Suzuki