JPNAP open IXP at Digital Edge’s OSA1 Data Center from Feb. 2024

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JPNAP open IXP at Digital Edge’s OSA1 Data Center from Feb. 2024

Digital Edge (Singapore) Holdings Pte. Ltd. (Head Office: Singapore, hereinafter "Digital Edge") and INTERNET MULTIFEED CO. (Head Office: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo President & CEO: Koichi Suzuki, hereinafter "Multifeed") have announced the opening of a JPNAP Internet Exchange service connection point at Digital Edge’s OSA1 data center to further enhance connectivity options in the Osaka metro. The JPNAP service will be available at OSA1 from February 2024.

Digital Edge is one of Asia’s fastest growing data center platforms and its OSA1 data center is strategically located in Osaka Business Park in Chuo-ku, in close proximity to key network hubs in the Western Japan. The facility offers 2,900 cabinets and 14MW of IT power and has been designed to meet the latest demands from cloud, network, and enterprise customers in terms of power specifications, reliability, security and ESG standards.

With Digital Edge’s ultra-fast, low latency Cross LinkTM interconnect service and a variety of connectivity options from third party telecommunications providers, OSA1 can easily and cost effectively support customers to reach key interconnect locations.

Multifeed provides the JPNAP service in 5 areas in Japan: Tokyo, Osaka, Fukuoka, Sendai, and Sapporo. In Osaka, already another hub in Japan, JPNAP is the biggest internet exchange and continues to grow steadily. Accordingly, Multifeed decided to expand the JPNAP service into OSA1, the latest data center by Digital Edge, to enrich the available interconnection opportunities in the Osaka metro.

Digital Edge and Multifeed will continue to work together to respond to increased demand for Internet traffic and further enhance connectivity options, in order to support the development of the Internet and its vital role in Japan’s social infrastructure.

■ Comments on JPNAP services (Osaka area) provided by Multifeed
Kei Furuta, President, Digital Edge
We are delighted to partner with Multifeed, Japan’s leading IXP, at our OSA1 data center to bring additional connectivity options to our colocation customers. Partnerships such as this one are critical to delivering the thriving digital ecosystems that support Osaka's increasingly important role as one of Western Japan's key interconnection hubs.

■ Comments on OSA1 data center provided by Digital Edge
Katsuyasu Toyama, Executive Vice President, INTERNET MULTIFEED CO.
We are very pleased to collaborate with Digital Edge, which provides data center platforms throughout Asia, including Japan, by expanding our JPNAP service into their OSA1 data center. With this partnership, we are confident that more opportunities to interconnect will be provided for both Japanese and global customers in Osaka, which will contribute to making the Internet in Japan more reliable.

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