JPNAP service in Osaka launched “Nextcenter ™ Osaka 7th Data Center”


JPNAP service in Osaka launched “Nextcenter ™ Osaka 7th Data Center”

Internet Multifeed Co., Ltd. (Hereinafter, "Multifeed") has added Osaka 7th Data Center in Ibaraki City, Osaka Prefecture, which is operated by NTT Communications Corporation, to its JPNAP service in the Osaka, an Internet exchange service provided by Internet Multifeed, and will start providing the service in May 2023.

Osaka Data Center 7 is one of the largest data centers in the Kansai region, located in Ibaraki City, which has low risk of disasters such as floods and earthquakes, and can be accessed within 30 minutes from Osaka City by public transportation and within 1 hour from Kyoto and Kobe City.

JPNAP Service has connection bases in four areas in Japan: Tokyo, Osaka, Fukuoka and Sendai. In view of the growing need for interconnection in the Osaka area as well as in the Tokyo area, we are expanding the number of interconnection sites in the Osaka area.

With the addition of the new locations, JPNAP Service (Osaka area) now has the following nine locations.

*NTT Telepark Dojima Building 1

*NTT Telepark Dojima No.3 Building

*NTTDATA Dojima Building

*Equinix OS 1

*Equinix OS3

*At Tokyo DC 12

*Sonezaki Data Center

*MC Digital Realty KIX Campus

*Nexcenter™ Osaka 7th Data Center

Multifeed will continue to contribute to the further development of the Internet and the improvement of reliability as a social infrastructure by responding to growing Internet traffic by strengthening and expanding IX services, such as improving connectivity through the expansion of connection sites.

※Nexcenter™ and Nexcenter Connect™ are registered trademarks of NTT Communications Corporation.

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