JPNAP service(Osaka area) launches at MC Digital Realty KIX Campus


JPNAP service(Osaka area) launches at MC Digital Realty KIX Campus

INTERNET MULTIFEED CO. (Multifeed) announced today that they will launch the KIX Campus operated by MC Digital Realty, Inc. (Ibaraki city and Minoh city, Osaka Prefecture), as a connection point for JPNAP Service(Osaka area), an Internet Exchange (IX) service provided by Multifeed, and will start providing the service in January 2023.

Multifeed is expanding its JPNAP service(Osaka area) at the KIX Campus, as well as the data centers in the central Osaka metropolitan area.

By utilizing a connection point at the KIX campus, the users such as cloud providers, content providers will be able to connect to JPNAP service(Osaka area) without having to prepare access facilities to Osaka metropolitan area. The connection at the KIX campus enables to interconnect with Internet service providers and content providers in Japan and overseas, and exchange Internet traffic efficiently.

Multifeed will be resposible for growing Internet traffic by enhancing and expanding IX services, contributing to the further development of the Internet and improving its reliability as a social infrastructure.

About MC Digital Realty, Inc.

MC Digital Realty, Inc., established in September 2017, is a 50/50 joint venture between Mitsubishi Corporation and Digital Realty Trust, Inc. offers customers access to facilities with high levels of reliability and security, stable power supply, cooling and other functionality.

About KIX Campus

The KIX10 data center is located on stable ground about 20 km from central Osaka and at an elevation of about 200 meters, in a location where there is little risk of flood or earthquakes. It is easy to access from central Osaka in about 1 hour by public transportation or about 40 minutes by car.

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