JPNAP Launches 400GbE Port Service


JPNAP Launches 400 GbE Port Service

On August 1, 2022, INTERNET MULTIFEED CO. (Mulitfeed) will launch 400 GbE port service on JPNAP, which is one of the largest Internet exchanges (IX) in the Asia Pacific region. JPNAP will be the first IX in this region to deploy 400 GbE interface*1.

As Internet traffic continues to increase, some JPNAP customers need higher bandwidth interfaces because they have to bundle many 100 GbE ports to exchange their traffic.

Multifeed conducted interoperability tests of multi-vendor 400 GbE equipment with major service providers in Japan. These tests confirm that 400 GbE is commercially viable in terms of interoperability and performance for IX*2.

With the launch of 400 GbE port services, these service providers can reduce the operational burden of bundling multiple ports and improve service quality and cost efficiency. Accordingly, JPNAP will be able to support a more comfortable communication for many end users of the Internet.

1.Service Overview

400 GbE interface (400GBASE-LR4-10) will be added to JPNAP Tokyo service menu.

2.Connection Point

BroadBand Tower New Otemachi Site (Connection Point will be expanded in future)

3.Service Launch Date

August 1, 2022

Multifeed will continue to lead the strengthening and expansion of the entire IX industry, primarily through the development of advanced technologies and the provision of pioneering services.
In response to the rapid increase in Internet traffic, we will contribute to the further development of the Internet and its reliability as a social infrastructure.

*1 As of July 4, 2022, according to INTERNET MULTIFEED CO.
*2 Multifeed, IIJ & NTT Com Achieve Asia’s First Internet-exchange Interconnection using 400 Gigabit Ethernet:

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