MF Starts an Empirical Trial on IPv6 Support for Large-scale Servers and Complex Content


MF Starts an Empirical Trial on IPv6 Support for Large-scale Servers and Complex Content

INTERNET MULTIFEED CO. (MF; Head Office: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo; President and CEO: Koichi Suzuki) announced today that from January 7, 2009 the company will be conducting empirical tests aimed at providing IPv6 support for large-scale servers and complex content. IPv6 is one of the next-generation Internet platform technologies. These tests will be conducted jointly with Nikkei Inc. (Nikkei; Head Office: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo; President and CEO: Tsuneo Kita), Nikkei Digital Media, Inc. (Nikkei Digital Media; Head Office: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo; President and CEO: Yuichi Takahashi), and Nikkei Advanced Systems Inc. (NAS; Head Office: Koto-ku, Tokyo; President and CEO: Mikio Sanada) using the complex Web content provided by these companies. The tests aim to clarify IPv6 support guidelines for large-scale servers and data center networks, and for producing IPv6-compliant content.

1. Test Objectives

It is expected that available IP addresses (IPv4) used on the Internet today will become depleted as early as 2011 and it will be difficult to obtain new IP addresses. Since such circumstances will make it difficult to connect new devices to the Internet and expand their own services, it is important for all stakeholders to support the new Internet which uses IPv6 addresses at an early date.

At present, the debate on IPv6-compliant network building and operation technology is at a relatively advanced stage. However, the subject of how to smoothly migrate existing Web sites with large-scale services to IPv6 without affecting existing services has not been discussed very much, since the environments and structures of individual sites are very different from each other.

These tests will thus identify issues facing content providers and data center operators as they make large-scale Web sites with complex inter-operating links IPv6-compliant. The tests will also help to produce guidelines for content providers building IPv6-compliant sites and for data centers providing IPv6 services.

2. Test Details

(1)Test system structure

An IPv4/IPv6 translation server will be installed at the MF's data center which has both IPv4 and IPv6 Internet environments so that the existing Web sites of Nikkei, Nikkei Digital Media, and NAS can be accessed from the IPv6 Internet. This server will convert IPv6 access so that it looks like access from the IPv4 Internet.

(2) Verification details

The test system will be used to verify the following points:

  • Services can be equivalently provided when accessed from the IPv4 Internet.
  • Users information can be equivalently obtained when accessed from the IPv6 Internet.
  • Devices and functions required when providing IPv6 connectivity services for large-scale content servers.

Based on these verification results, it will be possible to identify guidelines for IPv6-compliant large-scale servers and complex content, and also guidelines for providing IPv6 services at data centers.

(3) Schedule

From January 7, 2009 to end of September 2009 (planned)

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