MF Starts Providing JPNAP Osaka "PI/CUG Service (Trial)"


MF Starts Providing JPNAP Osaka "PI/CUG Service (Trial)"

TOKYO, JAPAN -INTERNET MULTIFEED CO. ("MF"; Head Office: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo; President and CEO: Koichi Suzuki) announced today that it is launching its JPNAP Osaka PI/CUG Service on a trial basis from March 1, with the cooperation of NTT SMARTCONNECT CORPORATION ("NTTSMC"; Head Office: Kita-ku, Osaka; President: Mitsuyoshi Okamoto)[1]. The PI (Private Interconnect) / CUG (Closed Users Group) Service is a value-added service of "JPNAP Osaka", distributed Internet exchange (IX) service, that realizes secure, private traffic exchange among designated members or between two members.

MF has already started the full-scale "PI/CUG Service" as the JPNAP additional service since October 2006 in Tokyo [2], now decided to provide "PI/CUG Service (Trial)" as the JPNAP Osaka's additional service in order to meet customers' needs for secure, private traffic exchange between one or more designated members in a logical space that is separated from the existing public JPNAP Osaka service.

1. Service Overview

The PI/CUG trial service, a service that is in addition to the JPNAP Osaka service being provided in Dojima, Osaka, utilizes VLAN (Virtual LAN)[3] technology to let customers use PI or CUG within the JPNAP service. PI is used for direct connections between two parties, and CUG enables traffic exchange among three or more parties. Customers can select to use either the "Tag type" port or the "Port type" port to connect.
This service provides not only a "Port type" that lets customers use one port for one PI/CUG (VLAN) but also a "Tag type" that lets customers use one port for multiple PI/CUGs. With the "Tag type" that uses IEEE802.1q [4] tagging, an industrial standard, customers will be able to make more effective use of their ports.
@nifty/FENICS, IIJ, InfoSphere, NTTSMC,, and OCN are planning to use this trial service.

2. Application Terms

This trial service is for customers of the JPNAP Osaka Service (current JPNAP Osaka service segment). Terms and Conditions of the JPNAP Service are here (

3. Access Location

NTT Telepark Dojima Dai-ichi Building and Dai-san Building

4. Trial Schedule (Current plan)

The trial service is to start on March 1, 2007, and full-scale service is planned to start in June 2007.

5. Service Fees (for the additional service)

The trial service is free of charge during the trial period. (There is a separate port charge when using the trial service. Connection port fees are here (



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  1. NTTSMC web site; (Japanese version only)


  3. VLAN is a virtually separated network segment to be independent of the physical topology and to use the segments as multiple networks.

  4. the standard of Virtual LAN (VLAN) standardized by the IEEE.