Launches IPv4/IPv6 Dual Stack Service to JPNAP Osaka


INTERNET MULTIFEED CO. Launches IPv4/IPv6 Dual Stack Service to JPNAP Osaka

TOKYO, JAPAN . INTERNET MULTIFEED CO. (MFEED) announced today that it is launching an IPv4/IPv6 Dual Stack Service on a trial basis as a new addition to its JPNAP Osaka Internet Exchange (IX) Service beginning this July 8, with the cooperation of NTT SmartConnect Corporation (NTT-SmC; Head Office: Kita-ku, Osaka; President: Mitsuyoshi Okamoto)[1]

MFEED has offered JPNAP6, the trial and additional IPv6-native[2] IX service to JPNAP in Tokyo, since June 2002[3]. In addition, MFEED decided to provide an IPv4/IPv6 Dual Stack Service for JPNAP Osaka customers in order to meet the needs of future expansion of the IPv4/IPv6 dual stack environment[4] on the Internet backbone that they operate. MFEED temporarily provides the service to JPNAP Osaka and will soon start service to JPNAP in Tokyo. MFEED aims for the realization of commercialization by April 2006.

MFEED is committed to playing a pioneering role in continued growth of the Internet, providing services that support this growth and that contribute to improving the reliability of vital public infrastructure.

1. Service Overview

The JPNAP Osaka "IPv4/IPv6 Dual Stack Service" offers the incremental function of an IPv4/IPv6 dual stack network environment to JPNAP Osaka. It enables the customers of JPNAP Osaka to exchange both IPv4 and IPv6 packets at one port simultaneously.

2. Object Service

JPNAP Osaka Service (10GbE, GbE, FE)

3. Additional Fee

Free-of-charge under trial

4. Access to the service

NTT Telepark Dojima Dai-ichi Building and Dai-san Building

5. Requirement for Application

The service is only for the customers of JPNAP Osaka who have been assigned IPv6 addresses directly from the Internet Registry[5].

6. Current Schedule of Trial

From July, 2005 to March, 2006

INTERNET MULTIFEED CO. was established in September, 1997, funded by Japan's leading ISPs and Internet content providers. As a pioneer of Internet Data Center (iDC) services in Japan, the company is a leading promoter of content distribution over the Internet. Its interexchange (IX) service "JPNAP" is the first commercial IX in Japan to provide 10 Gbps interface support, and forms an important part of the infrastructure on which the Internet has been able to enjoy rapid, sound growth into the broadband era.

About NTT SmartConnect Corporation (
NTT SmartConnect was established in March, 2000 with 100 percent equity ownership by NTT West Corporation, and operates data centers in Osaka. It provides a comprehensive lineup of data center services as a platform for information distribution, from housing to hosting, streaming, and network operations.


For more information about INTERNET MULTIFEED CO., please contact:
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For more information about NTT-SmC, please contact:
Public Relations Office, NTT SmartConnect Corporation
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  1. NTT-SmC's web site; (Japanese version only)

  2. network environment where both IPv4 and IPv6 can be handled simultaneously


  4. transmission of IPv6 packet just as it is to the Internet

  5. organizations that have the responsibility of handling Internet network resources such as IP addresses and Autonomous System identifiers.