JPNAP Osaka 10G Service Started


JPNAP Osaka 10G Service Started

TOKYO -- INTERNET MULTIFEED CO. (MFEED; Head Office: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo; President and CEO: Koichi Suzuki) today begins support for a 10 Gbps interface as a new addition to its JPNAP Osaka Internet Exchange (IX) Service.

Traffic flowing on the Internet backbone continues its explosive growth, even more so now that so many users are choosing broadband access services. To meet the expanding demand, MFEED started JPNAP Osaka with the cooperation of NTT SmartConnect Corporation (NTT-SmC; headquarters: Kita-ku, Osaka; president: Akitoshi Itoh) in January 2002. Today 13 networks connect through this service, and peak traffic has reached around 5 Gbps, making it a leading commercial IX serving Western Japan.

Among the users of JPNAP IX service are top-tier Internet service providers who access the service through multiple 1 Gbps interfaces. Increasingly, these and other customers are experiencing the need for interfaces exceeding 1 Gbps, enabling faster service over greater bandwidth. In response to these needs, as well as the need for load-balancing to offset the growing concentration of Internet traffic in the Tokyo area, MFEED added 10 Gbps interface service to JPNAP Osaka, following the launch of JPNAP 10G service in April of this year.

1. Service Overview

The 10 Gbps interface option is being added to the JPNAP Osaka service provided in Dojima, Osaka. ISPs and other users of this service will be able to exchange high-volume traffic with minimum stress and high stability.

2. Service Menu

Access to the service is made at MFEED sites in the NTT Telepark Dojima Dai-ichi Building and Dai-san Building. Customers can connect through either site, making use of the same service menu and rates regardless of the location.

(1) Interface

Connection ports are provided over 10Gbps Ethernet(10GBase-LR).

(2) Rates

Charges per port:
Setup fee:100,000 yen
Base monthly charge:3,000,000 yen

3. Provision Schedule

The 10G interface is being offered on a trial basis starting today, with full service scheduled to start in February of next year. Internet service providers IIJ, OCN, and Softbank BB will be using the trial service; other providers planning to use the service are @nifty/FENICS, InterVia, and InfoSphere

4. More about MultiFEED and JPNAP Service

Please visit the MFEED Web site for details about the company and about JPNAP service.


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