Start of JPNAP 10G Service


Start of JPNAP 10G Service
First IX Service in Japan To Meet the Demands of Broadband Traffic

TOKYO -- INTERNET MULTIFEED CO. (MFEED; Head Office: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo; President and CEO: Koichi Suzuki) today announced plans to enhance its JPNAP distributed IX (Internet exchange) service from January 2003, adding a 10G Ethernet interface and becoming the first commercial IX service in Japan to offer support for switching of broadband traffic over 10Gbps Ethernet.

The Internet backbone in Japan is under increasing pressure from the fast-growing use of ADSL, FTTH and other broadband access services. Since JPNAP service began in May last year, as a service interconnecting Internet service providers (ISPs) and other providers, traffic volume has continued to increase at an annual rate of more than 300 percent. As a result, some major ISPs currently using multiple one-Gigabit Ethernet switch ports have expressed a growing desire for service above and beyond the existing one-Gigabit capacity.

MFEED is meeting these demands by adding a 10G Ethernet interface option to JPNAP service. The new service will realize stable and efficient handling of additional increases in traffic, contributing to a more satisfying experience for users of the Internet infrastructure in the broadband era.

1. Service Overview

The 10G interface will be added to the JPNAP service currently provided at the IX facilities in Tokyo's Otemachi (Chiyoda-ku). ISPs and other users of this service will be able to exchange high-volume traffic with minimum stress and high stability

2. Service Offerings

IX facilities for the service are installed in two MFEED locations (the NTT Otemachi Building and the Tokyo Sankei Building). Customers are able to choose the connection location, and to make use of the same services at the same rates at either location.

(1) Interface

Connection ports are provided over 10Gbps Ethernet(10GBase-LR).

(2) Rates

Charges per port:

Charges per port:
Setup fee:100,000 yen
Base monthly charge:4,000,000 yen(3,600,000 yen for the second and subsequent ports)

3. Provision Schedule

Trial service will be offered from January 2003.
Commercial service is scheduled to start in April.

4. More about MultiFEED and JPNAP Service

Information about the company and details of JPNAP service are given on the company Web site.


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