Startup of IPv6 IX Service "JPNAP6"


Startup of IPv6 IX Service "JPNAP6"

TOKYO -- INTERNET MULTIFEED CO. (MFEED; Head Office: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo; President and CEO: Koichi Suzuki) today announced the startup of JPNAP6 service, a distributed Internet exchange service supporting IPv6 (Internet Protocol version 6).

The use of permanent Internet connections continues to expand in Japan, with the increasing popularity of ADSL and other broadband services. This trend is expected to accelerate the use of IPv6 as it becomes more readily available. At the same time, the demand for content provision geared to IPv6 is starting to grow. Anticipating these trends, MFEED is rising to meet the demand with the start of JPNAP6, an IX service supporting IPv6. Initially the service will be provided on a trial basis for the purpose of testing and confirming network quality and redundancy, and for establishing operations technology, with the aim of going over to commercial service in the next fiscal year.

Already IIJ, OCN, NTT/Verio, and MFEED have completed connections to JPNAP6 and have begun testing the technology. ShowNet, the Internet connection environment for NetWorld+Interop 2002 Tokyo starting July 1, will also be connected to JPNAP6. Other providers planning to connect to the service include @nifty/FENICS, BIGLOBE, DTI, InfoSphere, InterVia/DreamNet, MEX, and XePhion/WAKWAK. Impress Corporation, an Internet content provider (ICP) making use of the MultiFEED Service provided by MFEED, plans to begin providing content using the MFEED IPv6 native network.

1. Overview

(1) Name

JPNAP6 (pronounced "jay pee nap six")

(2) Service class

Fast Ethernet (100Base-TX)

(3) Port use charge

Free of charge during the trial service period

(4) Connection points

NTT Otemachi Building and Tokyo Sankei Building

(5) Other

The trial service is being made available to service providers who have been assigned an address sub-block (sub-TLA[1]) by their Regional Internet Registry[2] for service use.

2. Schedule (provisional)

June 2002 to March 2003: trial service


For more information, please contact:
Public Relations Office
TEL: 03-3282-1010
FAX: 03-3282-1020


  1. sub-TLA (sub Top Level Aggregation)
    An IPv6 address space assigned by a Regional Internet Registry for use in service provision. It is also abbreviated as sTLA. This differs from the Pseudo-TLA (pTLA) address space assigned for experimental operation.

  2. Regional Internet Registry (RIR)
    An organization authorized to allocate and assign IP addresses within a specific region. Worldwide there are currently three such Registries, known as APNIC, ARIN, and RIPE NCC.