JPNAP Tokyo launches the Flexible InterConnect(FIC) connection service


JPNAP Tokyo launches the Flexible InterConnect(FIC) connection service

On April 13th 2022, INTERNET MULTIFEED CO. (“Multifeed”) will launch the FIC Connection Service, a connection service with the Flexible InterConnect (“FIC”) provided by NTT Communications Corporation (“NTT Com”), on the JPNAP Tokyo service which is an Internet Exchange (IX) service provided by Multifeed.

1. “FIC service”
FIC is the next-generation interconnect services that NTT Com provides. This service is part of the Smart Data Platform, a platform that accelerates the realization of DX through data utilization. It provides easy, flexible, and secure on-demand connections between business locations, various cloud services, and data centers.

2. “JPNAP Tokyo FIC Connection service”
”The FIC Connection service” is an optional service of JPNAP Tokyo that allows you to connect to FIC via JPNAP. By using this service, JPNAP Tokyo Customer can connect to FIC without preparing a dedicated network.
*You need to contract FIC with NTTCom.
Two types of connection are available, Cloud connection type and XaaS connection type, depending on the business use case.

(1) Cloud connection Type
This menu is for ISPs and DC providers who provide network services for enterprises. This enables the provision of a broadband and stable multi-cloud connection environment for enterprise customers, and enhances network services.

(2) XaaS connection Type
This is a menu for Cloud providers that provide services such as SaaS, PaaS, and IaaS (XaaS) for enterprises.
For enterprise users of NTT Com's network services, Cloud providers will be able to provide a broadband and stable closed network environment to their cloud services via FIC, and much more convenience by expanding the connection methods.

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Multifeed will continue to provide high value-added services by strengthening and expanding its services to support the advancement of digitalization and the strengthening of the network infrastructure that supports it.

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