MFEED Starts JPNAP "IPv4/IPv6 Dual Stack Service (Trial)" and Extends Trial Period for JPNAP Osaka "IPv4/IPv6 Dual Stack Service (Trial)".


MFEED Starts JPNAP "IPv4/IPv6 Dual Stack Service (Trial)" and Extends Trial Period for JPNAP Osaka "IPv4/IPv6 Dual Stack Service (Trial)".

TOKYO, JAPAN -INTERNET MULTIFEED CO. ("MFEED"; Head Office: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo; President and CEO: Koichi Suzuki) announced today that it is launching its JPNAP IPv4/IPv6 Dual Stack Service on a trial basis from February 23, 2006. This service is a distributed Internet Exchange (IX) Service supporting the IPv4 (Internet Protocol version 4) and IPv6 (Internet Protocol version 6) Dual Stack connection environment [1].

MFEED has been providing the "JPNAP6 (Trial)" IX service supporting the IPv6 native connection environment [2] in Tokyo since June 2002, and the "IPv4/IPv6 Dual Stack Service (Trial)" as an added service to its JPNAP Osaka service since July 2005. With the recent growth in the number of network devices supporting dual stack and with expectations that dual stacking of the Internet backbone will continue to expand, MFEED decided to launch its IPv4/IPv6 Dual Stack Service on a trial basis as an added service in Tokyo.

MFEED also announced today that it is extending the trial service period for the JPNAP Osaka IPv4/IPv6 Dual Stack Service that is currently being provided on a trial basis. Through these trial services, MFEED will be contributing to further growth of the IPv6 market as well as the accumulation and establishment of technologies for checking and verifying the quality and operation of next-generation networks.

1. Service Overview

The IPv4/IPv6 Dual Stack trial service, for providing an IPv4/IPv6 Dual Stack connection environment, is an addition to the JPNAP Service being provided in Otemachi, Tokyo. It enables the customers of JPNAP to exchange both IPv4 and IPv6 packets at one port simultaneously. It also enables mutual traffic exchange on JPNAP (Tokyo) by interconnecting JPNAP and JPNAP6.

2. Applicable Service

JPNAP Service (10GbE, GbE, FE).

3. Additional Fee

Free of charge during the trial period.

4. Access Location

NTT Otemachi Building, Tokyo Sankei Building.

5. Application Terms

This trial service is only for customers of the JPNAP Service who have been assigned IPv6 addresses directly from the Internet Registry [3]. Terms and Conditions of the JPNAP Service are here (

6. Trial Schedule (Current plan)

Until March 2007 for both trial services.



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  1. This environment allows IPv4 (current Internet technology) and IPv6 (next-generation Internet technology) to be used simultaneously on the same network.

  2. This environment transmits IPv6 data as is over the Internet.

  3. The Internet Registry is an organization that manages Internet address resources (IP addresses and AS [autonomous system] numbers, etc.).